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CDL Lawyers Explain Points and Consquences for Moving Violations in NY

CDL traffic ticket attorney A commercial driver’s license is a license to operate a specific type of vehicle, including a truck or big rig as well as a vehicle that transports passengers. Drivers who earn a commercial license must do so after receiving specialized training and passing appropriate testing to demonstrate their aptitude for driving and their knowledge of the rules of the road. A commercial driver can earn a lucrative income, whether that driver is a truck driver, a taxi operator, a bus driver, or otherwise working to transport goods or to transport members of the public.

Because commercial drivers are responsible for safely operating large vehicles, including trucks weighing as much as 80,000 pounds, and because CDL drivers are expected to safely transport passengers from one destination to another, commercial driver’s are subject to many regulations in addition to standard safety rules such as stopping for red lights or yielding the right-of-way. If a commercial driver violates any of the rules, that driver could face serious consequences.

Our traffic lawyer at NY Traffic Firm provides help to individuals whose commercial licenses are at risk as a direct result of accusations of wrongdoing. Whether your career as a driver is being threatened by a problem that occurred while you were operating a taxi, truck, or bus or whether you are concerned that a citation or arrest while driving your personal car could cause your career to be in jeopardy, our New York truck driver ticket lawyers can assist you.

Give us a call today to find out more about the help that we provide and to discover ways in which our legal team can assist you with fighting to protect the CDL that you have worked so hard to earn.

NYS Laws Applicable to Commercial Drivers (Truckers): Can You Get Your CDL Suspended?

Commercial drivers are subject to different laws depending upon the type of work they do. For example, while taxi drivers within New York must follow a wide variety of different state regulations, long-haul truckers are subject to the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. FMC Safety Regulations address issues ranging from the maximum number of hours a truck driver is permitted to operate his vehicle without taking time to rest, to the inspection requirements that a commercial trucker must fulfill before driving to the maximum weight and length of a commercial truck.

Drivers are expected to know and follow the rules, and can face various penalties including suspension of a commercial driver’s license or suspension or revocation of a license to operate a taxi if rules and regulations are violated.

Commercial drivers can also face stricter laws on issues like maximum speed limit while driving and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For example, while drivers aren’t typically allowed to drive with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher, commercial drivers with a CDL cannot operate trucks if they have a BAC of just .04 or higher. If a commercial driver violates the rules by driving above the truck speed limit or operating a vehicle after having only a drink or two, it is possible that his ability to earn a living in the future could be put in jeopardy by the resulting legal consequences.

How Can a CDL Defense Lawyer Help You?

CDL attorneys in New York City Many New York traffic lawyers focus only on drivers with standard licenses, because the commercial regulations can be so complex. An attorney who represents a motorist who is a taxi driver, truck driver, or other type of CDL holder must be familiar with a host of different regulations applicable only to a small subset of the population. NY Traffic Firm knows these rules applicable to truck drivers and taxi drivers. Our firm has represented many professionals with different kinds of commercial licenses and we assist with:

  • Taxi driver violations
  • CDL violations
  • Commercial drunk driving cases
  • CDL license suspensions and revocations
  • Disciplinary proceedings for taxi drivers

In many cases, drivers with a commercial or taxi license not only need to worry about potential fines, penalties, and consequences imposed by the traffic courts that also govern other drivers, but also face a substantial risk of penalties imposed by regulatory authorities. If you have a CDL or are a taxi driver and you are facing disciplinary action, you must find an attorney who is familiar with the type of violations that you have been accused of and who can represent you during the administrative process that could determine the fate of your license.

Our legal team has a long track record of helping commercial drivers and taxi drivers to avoid consequences or to reduce penalties in circumstances where they have been accused of violating rules, regulations, or driving safety laws. We will work with you to assess the evidence in your case and to help you to formulate the most effective strategy.

This could mean fighting allegations of wrongdoing, or it could mean working to try to negotiate a deal wherein you admit to a less serious offense and you face reduced penalties. The right approach will depend upon many factors, including the strength of evidence against you, which is why getting personalized advice is essential.

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A CDL traffic lawyer in NY can provide you with invaluable help when you are a commercial driver and you have been accused of wrongdoing. NY Traffic Firm represents drivers facing disciplinary action for a violation of New York’s rules for taxi drivers or federal rules for truck drivers. We also help commercial drivers who have been accused of serious traffic crimes, including drunk driving, as well as motorists with CDLs who are facing any type of citation for speeding or related offenses.

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