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A NYC TLC Ticket Lawyer Explains Taxi Driver Violations

 Best TLC lawyers in NYC Drivers of taxis, limousines, and black cars are not only expected to obey all of the standard rules of the road, but are also required to comply with rules established by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). If a passenger makes a complaint about a driver of one of these types of passenger vehicles, the driver who was the subject of the complaint could find himself summoned to a Taxi and Limousine Commission hearing.

If you are called to a hearing, or if you are facing any type of traffic citation or an accusation of a traffic offense, a NYC commercial traffic ticket lawyer can help you to fight the claims made against you. NY Traffic Firm has extensive experience helping taxi and limo drivers to respond to accusations or tickets and our firm knows how to assist you in fighting to avoid penalties, including the potential loss of your license to operate taxis or limos.

You should get help from an attorney Simon Kabzan who is familiar with TLC hearings and court proceedings as soon as possible if you’re accused of violating the rules so you can protect your license and your career.

How Taxi Driver Violations Could Affect You

The TLC employs officers who are vested with authority to stop taxi and limo drivers and give them tickets for unsafe driving. Drivers could be stopped and cited for speeding, running traffic signals, and any other driving behaviors that would lead to a ticket for all motorists. Taxi and limo drivers are also subject to additional rules, such as prohibitions against tampering with meters or interior lights. If you are accused of violating any rules, you could face very harsh consequences for being found guilty.

The process of responding to a ticket is similar to the process of responding to a citation by the police, in that you can plead not guilty to an offense and are entitled to a hearing where you can defend yourself against the accusations that you violated rules and regulations for safe driving.

Penalties if you are found to have violated the rules could potentially derail your career. Taxi drivers are subject to a different points system than drivers who are cited for infractions in their personal vehicles, and taxi drivers could face the loss of their livelihood just because of convictions for traffic offenses.

If you are found guilty of an offense, your TLC hack license could be suspended or revoked, you could be required to undergo additional training, and you could potentially face a hefty fine.

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How a NY TLC Traffic Lawyer Can Help

A New York TLC lawyer can assist you in defending against accusations that you violated any of New York’s rules for taxi or limo drivers and prevent your taxi license from being suspended.

An attorney can help you to determine if you should try to fight the summons and can assist you in putting together strong legal arguments to try to get a verdict of not guilty at your hearing. We know how to conduct investigations and present a defense in a compelling way to maximize your chances of avoiding a verdict that you violated the rules.

NY Traffic Firm has successfully represented many clients at hearings and we are prepared to aggressively represent your interests during this high-stakes process. Our experienced legal team can also assist you in exploring other options to try to minimize penalties if there is strong evidence against you.

Getting Help from Taxi Traffic Ticket Attorneys

NY Traffic Firm has a long history of representing taxi drivers, limousine drivers and black car drivers who are facing accusations of wrongdoing that could result in serious penalties.

Our firm understands what is at stake and our legal team will advocate aggressively on your behalf to help you avoid penalties or reduce the consequences associated with being found guilty of breaking the rules. To learn more about how our legal team can help you protect your career, give us a call today.

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