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License suspended in New York City The suspension of your license can be a substantial hardship. Losing your ability to drive, even on a temporary basis, can have a major impact on your ability to fulfill work and family obligations. Not only will the suspension interfere with your life in profound ways, but you can also expect higher insurance costs when your license is eventually restored. And, you may be required to complete different requirements before your license is restored, which can be a burden as well.

It is important that you try to fight a license suspension if you are facing one. Your license could be suspended for a number of different moving violations, traffic infractions, or traffic crimes. You need to know why and how New York State will suspend a person’s license to drive and you need to be prepared to fight for your ability to legally drive if you are at risk of having your license suspended. New York traffic attorneys can help you to understand the laws and determine the best approach for you to take to try to protect your driving rights.

You need an experienced attorney who has provided representation to motorists facing administrative license suspensions by the Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as a lawyer who understands the criminal process in New York so Simon Kabzan, Esq. can help you with all types of traffic crimes and traffic infractions you are accused of committed.

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New York Suspended License Lawyer Describes the Laws

In NYC, motorists could either have their license suspended or could have their license revoked, depending upon the traffic crime or traffic infraction which was committed. A suspension means your license will be restored to you at the end of the suspension period. If your license is revoked, on the other hand, you’ll have to reapply for a brand new license, paying all associated fees and fulfilling all requirements for becoming a newly licensed driver. The DMV may not necessarily give a person a new license after it has been revoked.

Suspension is generally the consequence for serious violations, but for those violations that are not quite serious enough for revocation. For example, for a first offense of Driving While Ability Impaired, you could face a 90-day suspension. For a second DWAI offense within five years of a prior related crime, however, your license would be revoked. Your license would also be revoked for a DWI, which requires a higher BAC than a DWAI.

Many suspension periods are for a designated period of time, but you could also face an “indefinite” license suspension under certain conditions. For example, writing a bad check to pay fees to the Department or Motor Vehicles; failing to pay child support; failing to file an accident report; not paying a Driver Responsibility Assessment; or failing to satisfy a court judgement resulting from a motor vehicle collision can all result in an indefinite suspension.

For other types of offenses, however, your suspension will be for a set period of time after which your suspension will lift and you’ll be allowed to drive again without having to go through the whole process of getting a brand new license.

Although you should be able to get your license restored more easily after a suspension than after a revocation, this does not mean that you don’t have to meet certain conditions for your license to be restored to you at the end of your suspension period.

There may be many different kinds of requirements to fulfill before getting your license back when it has been suspended, with those requirements depending upon the reason for the suspension. For example, if your license was suspended due to unpaid tickets, you’d have to pay the tickets and associated fines and penalties before the suspension would be lifted and your license restored. You may also have to pay a suspension termination fee, according to the NY Department of Motor Vehicles.

There are a number of different reasons why a motorist might get a license suspended or revoked within the state of New York with conviction for DWAI only one possible grounds for suspension of your license.

If you earn 11 or more points on your license in an 18-month period, your license could also be either suspended or revoked. You’d have the option to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge in circumstances where your license is at risk of being suspended.

What You Can Do If Your License Could be Suspended

License suspension attorney If you are at risk of having your license suspended, you need to know why your license is in jeopardy of being lost. Based on the possible reason for your suspension, you can decide on an appropriate course of action. This is not a decision that you should make on your own, as there is too much at stake.

A NYC suspended license lawyer can evaluate the reason for your suspension and help you to determine what your options are. If you are at risk of having your license suspended because you are about to be convicted of another moving violation and get too many points on your license, your experienced attorney can help you to fight the underlying accusations that you committed a traffic infraction.

If you’re accused of DWAI, of writing bad checks to the DMV, or of any other violation that could lead to your license being lost, your attorney can evaluate the evidence against you and help you to decide whether to try to fight the accusations or try to negotiate a plea deal. Whichever option is the right one, NY Traffic Firm can advocate for you. We have assisted many motorists in avoiding conviction for traffic infractions or traffic crimes and our legal team has successfully negotiated many deals to reduce penalties and consequences in exchange for admitting guilt.

If you are facing a license suspension, you could also try to argue that you will face serious hardship if you are not allowed to drive, at least for limited purposes. You could potentially be eligible for a hardship license that allows you to drive with restrictions. For example, you could be permitted to drive to work, to your child’s school, and to medical appointments with a hardship license, even if your license is generally suspended due to a traffic infraction or offense. You will need to argue for a hardship license, and you should have an experienced attorney to help you.

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How a New York Traffic Law Attorney Can Help

A suspension or revocation of your license can occur due to criminal proceedings, such as when you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense for impaired driving. The Department of Motor Vehicles can also suspend your license under an administrative suspension. Administrative law is very different from criminal law, and the process of a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is not the same as a criminal case.

You need Simon Kabzan – a NY traffic tickets attorney who is familiar with the administrative system and the criminal system and who can help with all of your legal problems that could lead to a license suspension.

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