License Restoration

NY Traffic Ticket Lawyer’s Guide to License Restoration

If you have your license suspended or your license revoked, getting your license restored requires that you follow a specific process. You want to get your license back as quickly as possible once you are eligible to begin driving again, so you will need to talk with on experienced New York traffic ticket lawyer about license restoration so you can get back to legally driving your vehicle.

NY Traffic Firm has provided representation to many motorists who experienced a suspension or a revocation. Our legal team’s goal is to work with you to ensure you complete eligibility requirements and take the necessary steps to restore your license as soon as possible. We have the know-how to help you work aggressively towards the restoration of your license and, in some cases, we may also be able to help you restore your right to drive sooner — at least on a limited basis — by obtaining a hardship license.

To find out more about how our traffic ticket lawyers can help you to get your license back, give us a call. You can also read our guide to license restoration to get an idea of the process — but there is no substitute for legal help when something as important as your right to drive is at stake.

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Your Guide to License Restoration After a Suspension

There are a variety of ways to lose your license in New York and you could lose your right to drive through a suspension or through a revocation. If your license is revoked, the process of license restoration becomes more complicated because your license to drive is completely cancelled. You will need to apply for a new driver’s license at the end of the revocation period and you will also need to complete your driving test and written test again in some circumstances.

To begin the process of restoring your license after a revocation, you will typically need to request approval from the DMV Driver Improvement Unit. You will need this approval before you are eligible to move forward with restoring your license. You can request approval online in most cases, but some motorists must submit a written request to the Driver Improvement Unit in order to get approval. When you attempt to apply online, the system will determine if you are eligible and will explain the steps you must take to try restoring your license if you are not eligible.

In order to get approved for restoration of your license, you must clear any suspensions that are on your license. If your license is both suspended and revoked, you cannot get your license back. To clear the suspension, you will need to pay any outstanding fines and resolve any outstanding traffic tickets. You’ll also need to pay any applicable outstanding fees and penalties including a suspension termination fee, the costs of a driver responsibility assessment, and a driver license civil penalty. You will also need to pay a reapplication fee to get your license restored if you are eligible.

Once you have been approved for a new license, you need to go through the license application process and complete any required testing. You are not allowed to drive until you actually have your license back; just getting approval for the restoration of your license is not sufficient.

Contact a New York Traffic Ticket Attorney

A New York traffic ticket attorney can help you to understand the license restoration process that you must follow given the specific reasons for your suspension or revocation. Our legal team will also assist you in completing the necessary steps to have your license restored and will work with you to overcome any problems that could have an adverse impact on restoration. Reach out to talk with NY Traffic Firm as soon as possible so you can get back on the road quickly.

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