Permitting Unlicensed Driver to Drive

Consequences of Permitting Unlicensed Driver to Drive?

If you own a vehicle and you allow others to drive your car, you should make sure that anyone you lend the vehicle to has a valid license to drive which has not been suspended or revoked. If you allow someone with no valid license to drive your vehicle, you should be aware that there are consequences of permitting licensed driver to drive. These consequences can vary depending upon the state and depending upon the circumstances.

You should act quickly to get legal help if you permit an unlicensed driver to operate your vehicle and something goes wrong. A New York traffic ticket lawyer can help you to understand what possible consequences you face and can assist you in taking steps to try to reduce or avoid consequences. These types of cases can be very complicated, so you need a lawyer with experience. NY Traffic Firm can help, so give us a call to find out more about how our legal team can assist you when you’ve allowed an unlicensed driver to operate your car.

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Consequences of Permitting an Unlicensed Driver to Drive

There are many factors that can affect the specific consequences of permitting unlicensed driver to drive your vehicle.

For example, it matters where the incident occurs and what the laws in the state are. In New Jersey, motor vehicle code section 39;3-37.1 makes clear it is unlawful to loan a vehicle to someone without a driver’s license. The penalty is a minimum fine of $200 and a maximum fine of $500. Imprisonment is possible. In Pennsylvania, section 1547 of the PA vehicle code indicates it is a summary offense to allow an unlicensed driver to operate a vehicle. PA makes clear that a person who violates the law and allows an unlicensed driver is jointly and severally liable for damage caused by the negligence of the driver.

If the driver causes a serious accident, you could also face additional charges if you were found to have negligently entrusted your vehicle to that motorist. The extent of your criminal liability may depend upon the specific situation: for example, you could face more serious consequences if you negligently lent your vehicle to an unlicensed driver who you knew was intoxicated or who you otherwise knew would present a grave danger on the roads.

While criminal charges and fines are a possibility, there are also other consequences to worry about as well. In New York and in other states throughout the country, if you allow an unlicensed driver to operate your vehicle and that driver gets into an auto accident, you can be sued for injury, death, or damaged property the driver causes. If the unlicensed driver is stopped by police and found to be driving with no valid license, the car could be towed and/or impounded. You would need to pay any and all costs associated with getting the vehicle back from impound.

You do not want to put yourself at risk of civil and criminal consequences, so you should try to avoid allowing unlicensed drivers to operate your vehicle. If you already permitted someone without a license to drive, you should work with a New York traffic ticket lawyer to explore possibilities for defending yourself from any consequences that you are facing.

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A New York traffic ticket lawyer can provide you with representation whenever you are accused of permitting unlicensed driver to drive. Whether you are facing criminal or civil consequences or both, we can defend you and work to protect you from penalties associated with allowing someone else to drive your car. To find out more about how NY Traffic Firm can put our experience to work helping you in your case, give us a call today.

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