Restricted/Conditional License Violations

Got a Traffic Citation on Your Conditional License?

Moving violation with a conditional license In certain circumstances, conviction for driving-related offenses can result in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Getting too many points on your license, or being found guilty of an offense like a DUI, can result in you losing the ability to drive on a temporary or a permanent basis.

When your license is lost, New York may grant you a conditional or restricted use license. This type of license is granted to allow you to drive for very limited purposes only. If you violate the terms of your restricted or conditional license and you drive for any other reason, you could face very serious consequences.

NY Traffic Firm can help you to try to argue to get a conditional or restricted license if you are in danger of losing your license for a traffic offense. Our legal team can also assist you in understanding the rules for driving on a conditional or restricted license. If you are accused of violating the rules and driving when you shouldn’t, our NYC suspended license lawyers are here and ready to help you fight the potential consequences and penalties of this violation.

Your license is at risk and you face the threat of serious penalties if you drive in an unlawful manner while operating your vehicle with a restricted or conditional license.

Contact our firm right away so we can help you to identify the best strategy to respond to accusations and try to protect yourself and your ability to drive.

NY Laws On Restricted or Conditional Licenses

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, the DMV can issue a conditional license to a motorist in New York who has had his or her license suspended as a result of violating laws against drunk or drugged driving. To be granted a conditional license under these circumstances, the driver must attend an Impaired Driver Program that has been approved by the state DMV.

The DMV is also authorized to grant a restricted use license to a motorist whose license has ben suspended or revoked for reasons not related to drugged or impaired driving, or whose license is suspended or revoked as a result of certain violations of drug laws.

With a conditional or restricted license, motorists are typically allowed to drive only to and from work; during work hours if a job requires it; to and from the DMV; to classes authorized as part of an Impaired Diver Program; to and from probation activities; to and from accredited educational institutions; to and from a child’s school; to medical appointments; and during one other brief designated period as specified.

When you are granted a conditional or restricted license, you’ll be given a special Attachment (MV-2020) along with your conditional license. This will list what you are allowed to do.

Penalties and Consequences for Violating the Terms of a Restricted License

If you drive outside of permissible activities, or if you commit any moving violations at all while you are driving on a conditional or restricted license, your license to drive will be revoked. You could also be ticketed for a traffic infraction under New York Vehicle and Traffic Law section 530(6).

Violating section 530(6) can result in fines, which could total several hundred dollars depending upon whether the offense was a first offense or not. In some cases, a motorist who is found to be violating the terms of a restricted license could also face incarceration.

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How a NY Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help

Restricted or conditional license violations are treated very seriously by New York law. Typically, you have a restricted or conditional license only because you have already gotten into legal trouble. The further violation could compound your initial legal problems, especially if it is considered to be a violation of any probation conditions for the underlying offense. The large fines, the loss of your driver’s license, and the potential for jail time also mean that this offense must be taken very seriously.

You may have options to defend yourself against accusations that you drove at an impermissible time while your license was restricted. For example, if there was an emergency that necessitated that you drive, this could be a justification for breaking the conditions limiting your driving privileges. Simon Kabzan, a New York traffic lawyer can help you to determine if you can argue that you were justified in driving or if there are other arguments that you could make to try to avoid the loss of your license and other penalties.

You should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible when accused of restricted or conditional license violations so your attorney can help you to decide on the best course of action and can assist you in responding to serious accusations in a strategic manner designed to reduce or avoid penalties. Give NY Traffic Firm a call today to find out how our legal team can assist you here in Manhattan.

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