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Cited for Violation of Move Over Law in NYC – VTL 1144-a?

Many drivers are unaware of their obligation to move over when they are traveling on the road and they see a hazard vehicle, emergency vehicle, or certain other vehicles on the shoulder of the road. Unfortunately, not knowing New York’s move-over laws is not a defense if you are ticketed for failing in your obligations to steer clear of stopped vehicles.

Motorists can be ticketed for a moving violation if they do not move over. In many situations, motorists who don’t get out of the way can actually be cited for multiple moving violations, which can lead to large fines and other serious penalties. Drivers need to understand what is at stake when they are accused of violating New York’s traffic laws and motorists should contact NYC traffic attorneys for help as soon as they are accused of a violation.

NY Traffic Firm has extensive experience representing motorists who have been accused of violating move-over laws. Our legal team can assist you with any moving violations that you receive and can help you to reduce or avoid consequences of being ticketed.

You have a limited amount of time to act to try to protect you driving record, so you should not hesitate to get legal help from an attorney with detailed knowledge of New York’s traffic laws. Give us a call today to find out more about how our legal team can help you.

Move Over Laws in New York

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1144-a explains the obligations that motorists have when they approach a parked, stopped, or standing authorized emergency vehicle or hazard vehicle.

Motorists are obligated to exercise “due care” in order to ensure their vehicle does not collide with any authorized emergency vehicle that is parked, stopped, or standing on the road shoulder. They are also expected to exercise due care to avoid colliding with any vehicle that is stopped or standing on any part of a highway and is displaying red lights, or a combination of red and white lights.

The exercise of due care includes, but isn’t limited to, moving over from a lane that is immediately adjacent to the road shoulder where the emergency or hazard vehicle is. Motorists are expected to move over out of the adjacent lane that is next to the emergency or hazard vehicle as long as changing lanes is not in violation of any other New York traffic laws.

Penalties and Consequences for Violating Move Over Laws

If a driver violates New York’s move over laws, the motorist can be ticketed for the moving violation. This violation can result in a motorist getting three points on his driver’s license. Fines up to $275 are possible for failing to move over when there is a hazard or an emergency vehicle on the road.

Points on a license could eventually result in a driver’s license being suspended or revoked. Motorists are allowed to get up to 11 points on their license in an 18-month period in New York, before a potential suspension of their right to drive. However, even having just a few points on a license and a history of moving violations can send auto insurance rates skyrocketing for motorists. This means in addition to the fine and any possible surcharges you may have to pay for getting a ticket for violating move-over laws, you could also pay higher car insurance rates for years to come.

The record of the moving violation could also impact your ability to do any job for which a clean driving record is required. And, unfortunately, motorists who are cited for a failure to comply with move over laws could also be accused of violating other rules of the road as well, such as reckless driving or failing to yield the right-of-way. You need to understand all of the possible accusations being made against you and should take swift action to talk with an experienced traffic lawyer and find out what your options are for fighting the claims that you violated the law.

How a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

Simon Kabzan, a traffic lawyer in NYC can help you to determine if you can fight the ticket that you have received for failure to follow move over laws. Our legal team can also help you to explore options for trying to reduce possible penalties that you could face for not moving over when you saw an emergency or hazard vehicle on the road.

You should contact only the best attorney as soon as you have been given a ticket, because if you pay the ticket this is considered an admission of guilt and you will no longer be able to try to fight the citation. NY Traffic Firm has helped many motorists to avoid being found guilty of violating New York’s move over law or other traffic offenses.

To find out more about how our legal team can help you, give us a call today.

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