NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law Codes Explained by NY Ticket Lawyers

NYS VTL Motorists in the state of New York are expected to comply with the rules of the road – but many motorists do not know where to find those rules or what laws apply when drivers don’t do what is required of them. Understanding the law can be a challenge, so New Yorkers should work with a top attorney if they find themselves facing a citation for a traffic violation or if they are accused of committing a traffic crime.

NY Traffic Firm knows all of the provisions of the Vehicle and Traffic Law Codes inside-and-out. Our firm can guide clients through the process of responding to a ticket or an arrest, and will help with the development of a strategic response to accusations of wrongdoing. We can advise you on the provisions of the law you’re accused of breaking, the possible penalties, and your options for fighting the accusations or negotiating a plea deal.

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What is the NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law Code?

New York State’s Vehicle and Traffic Law Code contains many different provisions that apply to all drivers. The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee summarizes the main issues that the Vehicle and Traffic Code addresses including:

Motorists who violate these laws could face criminal charges for offenses like drunk and reckless driving. For other violations, such as a failure to follow the speed limit, motorists could be cited for a moving violation, which can result in points on a driver’s license and fines, among other potential consequences.

How Does the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Code Affect You?

Motorists must comply with the rules of the road, and are expected to know what those rules are. You cannot avoid a citation by claiming you did not know the law. When you are cited, you must either pay the fine as required, which is an admission of guilty, or must fight the accusations against you by pleading not guilty and attending a hearing.

If you plead not guilty, the state has the burden of proving that you violated NY’s Vehicle and Traffic Law Code. You can avoid being found guilty by either introducing doubt into the evidence against you or by presenting a defense showing your actions were appropriate or justified.

You need to know the code section you are accused of violating so you can put together a strong defense to try to avoid a guilty verdict. An attorney can explain to you exactly what must be proven for you to be found guilty and can assist you in trying to choose the best arguments to make so that you prevail and your driving record is kept clean.

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Getting Help from NYC Traffic Attorneys

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