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Traveled to NYC and Got a Traffic Ticket?

 Moving violations in NYC for Canadians Canadian drivers regularly travel on New York roads because of the proximity between Canada and the state of New York. If you are a Canadian driver and you get a traffic ticket within NY, you may be uncertain about what impact – if any – this ticket will have in your home province.

For most Canadians, the ticket will follow you home. You need to ensure you respond appropriately to the citation, as you cannot simply ignore it or you could face serious legal consequences both in Canada and when you try to return to the United States.

This does not mean you should just pay the ticket, but you should ensure that you respond assertively and take action in dealing with the ticket by the deadline.

NY Traffic Firm can help you to determine the best approach to take to dealing with your ticket so you can avoid hurting your Canadian driving record or affecting your ability to cross the border and legally drive in New York in the future.

What Happens to Canadian Drivers who Get Tickets in New York?

Canada has reciprocity with the state of New York, so information is shared by NYS with your home province. The specific ways that different provinces work with NYC information will vary, so you should know the rules in the location where you live.

For example, The Société de l’assurance automobile du Quebec (SAAQ) will treat demerit points put on your license for a moving violation in New York as if you had committed the offense in Quebec. This means that when Quebec is notified of an offense in NY – like speeding or running a stop sign –you will be assigned points based on the number of points that would have been put on your license under the SAAQ system. If you get a maximum of 15 demerit points for offenses under this system, you face the loss of your driving privileges either temporarily through a suspension or for the long-term due to revocation.

Ontario also has reciprocity and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation indicates you will have points put on your license for any traffic offense committed in New York as if you had committed an equivalent offense within Ontario.

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What Should You Do if You Are Canadian and Get a Ticket in NY?

Canadian providences only put demerit points on your record for offenses committed in New York if you are actually found guilty of the offense. If you simply pay your fine to New York, this is an admission of guilt, so the state does not actually have to prove you did anything wrong. Paying the fine means you are not going to have a chance to fight the ticket, and you’ll face the consequences— including paying fines in New York and getting points on your Canadian license.

However, you can fight the ticket with help from a New York traffic ticket lawyer. NY Traffic Firm defends many Canadians who have been given traffic citations away from homek. We help you to determine if it is likely you can fight the ticket successfully to entirely avoid points on your license or if you should try to negotiate a deal to reduce the severity of potential penalties by negotiating a favorable plea deal.

If you decide to fight the ticket, we will advocate for you and try to minimize return trips to New York so you don’t spend a lot of time and money traveling back across the border.

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We can provide help to Canadian drivers from provinces throughout Canada who have been given traffic tickets in New York City. We will explain to you how your ticket will be treated in your home province and we will help you to fight to protect your license and reduce the penalties you could face for the traffic offense you have been accused of committing.

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