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Many people from Florida visit the state of New York, either to spend their summers in a cooler climate or because they want to enjoy some of the many tourist sites that NYS has to offer. Unfortunately, while they are in the state, drivers from Florida often get traffic tickets because police can be aggressive in issuing citations to out of state drivers.

If you get a ticket in New York City, do not assume that it won’t affect your Florida license. Your NY traffic infraction could potentially impact driving privileges in your state and could also make your Florida car insurance more expensive.

You should not just accept the consequences of a moving violation but instead should reach out to NY Traffic Firm as soon as you receive a citation.

Our New York traffic lawyers can provide you with the guidance and representation you need to fight the ticket or to minimize the penalties you face.

How Florida Treats Traffic Tickets Obtained in NY

Both the state of Florida and the state of New York are signatories to the Driver’s License Compact. This is an agreement in which states promise to share information with each other about traffic citations. In other words, if you get ticketed for a moving violation in NYC, the state of Florida will be notified that you committed a violation.

When Florida is notified of your summons in New York, it will be added to your driving record. If you try to apply for a job that requires a clean driving record, this black mark on your driving history could prevent you from being hired for the position. If the offense you got the ticket for is an offense that would result in points on your license in Florida, then you will get points on your license. For example, if you are ticketed for speeding in New York, Florida will be notified of the offense and you will get points on your license just as if you had sped in the state of Florida.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety indicates that local law will not permit drivers to remove points from their license by attending traffic school or completing a traffic safety program. This means once you are found guilty of a traffic offense in NYS and FL is notified of the offense, you will not be able to get the points off of your license.

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You don’t have roll over, pay the citation and be done. Over-eager traffic enforcement intermingles with errors every day. Always be ready to fight back. The odds are in your favor when you work with NY Traffic Firm.

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How Can New York Traffic Attorneys Help?

NY traffic lawyer Simon Kabzan can assist you in fighting a ticket in New York so you will not end up with your Florida license being affected. Your state is notified of a NYC violation only if you actually are found guilty of the violation within the state of New York. Simply receiving a ticket does not mean you are guilty of the traffic offense.

You will be considered guilty if you pay the fine for the ticket, as paying the fine is viewed as an admission you broke traffic safety laws. However, you can also plead not guilty and try to avoid being convicted. You can raise defenses justifying your actions, or can argue there is insufficient proof that you committed a traffic violation.

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If you have been cited for a traffic offense in New York, do not hesitate to talk with our traffic ticket lawyers who can help you to try to fight the ticket and protect your Florida license. You need to respond to the ticket by the deadline and you need a lawyer who can help you to craft a strategy in responding that will allow you to reduce or avoid consequences while making as few trips back to New York City as possible.

We have assisted many Florida residents in fighting tickets and we know how to resolve your problems with the state of New York in a fast and efficient manner. Give us a call as soon as you get a ticket to find out more about how we can help.

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