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Traffic law violations in New York can have serious consequences. In addition to citations that go on your driving record and possible costly fines for violations, loss of your license to drive is also possible with too many convictions for traffic offenses. Black marks on your driving record can also cost you job opportunities and raise insurance rates.

The consequences of traffic law violations are more serious than most people stop to think about when they just pay their ticket and move on with their life. You should not simply accept that you must face all of these consequences if you have been accused of breaking the rules of the road.

New York traffic ticket lawyers at NY Traffic Firm can provide you with aggressive legal advocacy and knowledgable advice when you are accused of a moving violation or are ticketed for an offense. Our legal team also provides you with a strong defense when facing criminal charges for offenses including drunk or reckless driving or fleeing from the police or from an accident scene.

Finally, if there is a bench warrant out for your arrest due to a traffic violation or you are at risk of a license suspension, we can help. Give us a call today to find out how an experienced NYC traffic lawyer can fight to protect your ability to get around.

Traffic Tickets

A simple traffic ticket may not seem like a big deal, but the reverberations of a ticket can impact your life in important ways. A single ticket on your record could cost you hundreds of dollars in increased insurance premiums by signaling you are high risk… not to mention the possibility that a ticket could result in disqualification for a job or too many tickets could lead to your license being taken from you.

When you pay a fine for a ticket, you admit guilt. Before you pay, talk with a New York City traffic attorney to find out if you can fight. You can challenge the ticket by arguing insufficient proof you committed the offense or claiming that there was justification for your actions. The prosecutor will have to prove that you violated the law.

NY Traffic Firm can evaluate whether you have any defenses to raise, and can advise you of opportunities to fight a ticket or to try to reduce the long-term consequences through signing up for traffic school. Our legal team provides representation to clients with many different types of traffic tickets including:

If you have failed to respond to a ticket, we also help you to deal with the fallout. Your license and clean driving record is too important to leave to chance, so let us help you.

Moving Violations

Moving violations are violations that occur when a car is in motion, as opposed to violations like parking tickets that occur in a stationary vehicle. Moving violations are the types of violations that could result in substantial insurance rate increases, large fines, and points on your driver’s license.

They are violations that NY Traffic Firm is very familiar with. Our legal team has helped many motorists throughout New York to successfully challenge assertions that they violated traffic laws while operating their vehicles. From effective questioning of a police officer’s testimony to calling in expert witnesses who dispute the alleged events that constitute a violation, we know what it takes to build an effective defense.

Our New York traffic ticket lawyers represent clients accused of many different types of moving violations including:

A single violation like failing to stop for a school bus could result in five points on your license. If you end up with 11 points or more on your license in 18-months, you could lose the right to drive. Don’t let points go on your license if you don’t have to. Give us a call as soon as you are accused of a moving violation so we can begin developing a strategy to respond.

Criminal Charges

For most traffic offenses, the loss of your license, high insurance premiums, and the possible loss of employment are the worst consequences. While these penalties can impact your life in profound ways, at least they won’t land you in jail.

Some offenses in the car, however, can lead to incarceration. For these offenses, it becomes even more important that you have an aggressive, knowledgeable legal advocate who can fight for you. NY Traffic Firm is here to help.

Our legal team has provided representation to defendants facing both misdemeanor and felony charges related to actions taken while driving. Some of the criminal cases our firm helps drivers to fight include charges for:

When your freedom is at stake and you face the possibility of a criminal record, you must ensure you have a lawyer who can help you to raise a vigorous defense and take advantage of all protections available to criminal defendants. Our New York criminal traffic lawyers will fight vigorously for acquittal or for reduced charges and lesser penalties whenever possible.

License Suspension

Getting around without a license can be a major hassle. Fulfilling family and work obligations can be nearly impossible if you are not allowed to drive. Unfortunately, many behaviors can result in a suspension of your license.

If the state of New York tries to take away your ability to get around, you do not have to just accept your fate. Let NY Traffic Firm help you. Our traffic lawyers can represent you during:

We also fight for clients accused of violating restrictions on conditional licenses; those facing indefinite revocation for three or more serious violations; and those accused of violating provisional license rules. Our goal is always to prevent loss of your right to drive or to facilitate restoration of your driving privileges as soon as possible.

Fight Your Ticket

You don’t have roll over, pay the citation and be done. Over-eager traffic enforcement intermingles with errors every day. Always be ready to fight back. The odds are in your favor when you work with NY Traffic Firm.

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Getting Help from New York Traffic Ticket Attorneys

NYC Traffic Law Firm has a long track record of helping drivers stay on the road and protect their clean driving records. We know how traffic cases are prosecuted and are prepared to help you develop sound legal strategies to respond to accusations that you have violated any traffic laws in the state of New York.

Give us a call as soon as you get a ticket or are accused of a traffic crime so we can get to work on fighting for your driving rights.


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