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How Do Bench Warrants Work in NYC

Bench warrant issued in New York State If you fail to pay traffic fines or fail to appear in court, a bench warrant could be issued for your arrest. A bench warrant is extremely serious. You could be taken into custody immediately by police if you are stopped for any reason and a law enforcement officer determines that there is an active warrant for your arrest.

NY Traffic Firm can help you to avoid a bench warrant by assisting you in responding to any traffic citations in a timely manner. We can also provide you with assistance in determining if there is an active bench warrant for your arrest and we can help you to resolve the underlying legal problems that exist that resulted in the warrant being issued.

You do not want to be taken into police custody after a routine traffic stop and you cannot take any chances that an interaction with a law enforcement officer could lead to your immediate arrest. You should contact a New York traffic lawyer Simon Kabzan as soon as possible if you have not responded to a traffic citation or if you have any reason to suspect there is a bench warrant out for you.

If you are taken into custody, you also have the right to an attorney and should call our firm right away to find out about the assistance our experienced legal professionals can provide.

NY Laws On Bench Warrants

Under New York law, a judge can order a bench warrant for a number of different legal violations. Some of the most common reasons for a bench warrant include the following:

  • Failure to appear in court. If you are required to attend court in order to respond to a traffic citation or to face charges for a criminal traffic offense and you do not come to court at the appointed time, a bench warrant may be issued.
  • Failure to pay a fine: If you fail to pay a traffic citation and don’t fight the ticket, or if you fail to pay any fine that has been ordered by the court, this could result in a bench warrant for your immediate arrest.
  • Failure to complete required rehab or counseling: If you are mandated to attend a rehabilitation program after a drunk driving arrest or drugged driving arrest and you do not complete the program, a judge could issue a bench warrant.
  • Violating any other court order or legal requirement: You could be held in contempt of court for your violation and this could result in a bench warrant.

The purpose of the court issuing a bench warrant is to ensure that you are taken into custody so you can be made to appear before a judge and resolving the underlying legal issues.

Penalties and Consequences of a Bench Warrant

If there is an active bench warrant for you, you could be immediately taken into custody as a result of any interaction with the police. If you are pulled over for an unrelated issue and a law enforcement officer runs your license, the bench warrant will show up in the computer. This can result in your arrest.

You do not want to take the chance that you will be taken into custody unexpectedly. It can be frightening to live with the uncertainty of knowing that police can arrest you at any time. If you are taken into custody unexpectedly, this could cause you to experience additional legal consequences and complications. Your car could end up being towed, for example, or you could find yourself in trouble at work when you are not able to show up due to the fact you’ve been arrested because of your bench warrant.

Rather than waiting and hoping your bench warrant does not lead to your arrest, you should get legal help to find out if you actually have an active warrant and to work on resolving the legal problems that resulted in a judge ordering your arrest.

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How a New York Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help

NY Traffic Firm helps motorists to comply with laws related to traffic citations, parking tickets, and traffic offenses so you can avoid having a bench warrant issued. We can provide you with guidance on deadlines for responding to tickets and can help you to ensure that you do not inadvertently do anything that results in a judge issuing a warrant for your arrest.

Our legal team can also assist you in being proactive in dealing with an outstanding bench warrant. We can help you to determine if there is a warrant out for your arrest and can work with you to find the best way to avoid being taken into custody. We’ll also help you find solutions to resolve the legal issues that are causing your problems with the court.

To find out more about how New York traffic lawyers can help with bench warrants and other serious traffic offenses, call us today for help.

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