Driving an Unregistered Vehicle

Expired Registration Ticket in New York

failure to register vehicle ticket Every vehicle that is driven within the state of New York must have a valid registration. Motorists who drive a vehicle which is not registered can face fines, which get larger the longer the vehicle has been unregistered. Other penalties may also be imposed as well, and driving an unregistered vehicle can also impact your driving record.

You cannot afford to take a chance of being caught without a valid registration on any motor vehicle that you are operating. If you are driving a car, make sure it is registered. If you are accused of driving an unregistered car, you need to take swift action to try to reduce or avoid potentially serious penalties. NY Traffic Firm can provide you with assistance in understanding the options available to you and can help you to respond in a strategic way to the accusations against you.

You should contact a New York traffic crimes lawyer as soon as you have been accused of operating a vehicle without a valid registration. Your attorney can begin working with you to determine how best to deal with the serious accusations that you are facing.

With help from your defense counsel Simon Kabzan, you can explore ways to defend yourself and can potentially reduce penalties and consequences through a deal with a prosecutor assigned to your case.

NYS Laws On Diving an Unregistered or Expired Registration Vehicle

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 401 establishes the laws on vehicle registration. The law establishes the basic, fundamental rule that no motor vehicle can be operated or driven on any road in New York unless it is registered.

When registering a vehicle, the vehicle’s owner must be prepared to provide detailed information about the vehicle, as well as personal information including the owner’s name and address. Motorists will receive certificates of registration and owners and operators of vehicles must be prepared to provide proof of registration of any vehicle that is being operated on the roads of New York State.

Certificates of registration should be carried in vehicles and provided for inspection to law enforcement officers, magistrates, and motor vehicle inspectors. There are fees for registration and owners must renew registrations as required, as an expired registration is not legally valid.

Penalties and Consequences for Driving an Unregistered Vehicle

If a driver is caught driving an unregistered vehicle within New York, the consequences of this legal violation can be very serious for the motorist. A motorist can be fined for driving an unregistered vehicle, with the potential fine increasing substantially if the motorist has been driving an unregistered vehicle for more than a period of 60 days. In addition to large monetary fines, motorists can also be subject to surcharges for not having a valid registration for their vehicle.

Under some circumstances, a motorist who has been accused of operating a vehicle with expired tags can also face potential jail time for violating New York’s laws on vehicle registration. The possibility of incarceration means that any motorist who has been accused of operating an unregistered vehicle must take these accusations very seriously.

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How a New York Traffic Crimes Attorney Can Help

A NY ticket lawyer can provide legal assistance to a motorist who has been accused of violating the laws on vehicle registration. The possible options that a motorist has for responding to these accusations are going to vary depending upon the circumstances, including the length of the time that the vehicle has been unregistered. Motorists must make a strategic choice in determining what their best course of action is if they have been accused of not registering a car that they were operating.

NY Traffic Firm has extensive experience providing legal representation to drivers who were caught operating unregistered cars on the roads of New York. Our legal team will carefully review the circumstances surrounding your failure to register the vehicle. We will also consider the circumstances surrounding the traffic stop or other interaction with law enforcement officials in which the fact your car was unregistered came to light. We can explain to you what options you have for trying to fight the accusations or defend yourself against the claims that have been made. We can also assist you in exploring ways to try to reduce the possible consequences that you could face for driving an unregistered vehicle.

Any traffic offense needs to be taken seriously, as your driving history and your finances could be at stake. For an offense that could potentially result in jail time, like driving an unregistered vehicle, it becomes even more important to make informed choices in responding to accusations.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you get the best possible outcome when faced with a claim you were driving an unregistered car, so give us a call as soon as you have been accused of this offense.

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