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Drive on Shoulder Ticket from NY DMV

NYC ticket for driving on the shoulder If you drive on the shoulder of the road, you could be breaking the law within the state of New York. While standing on the road shoulder is typically permitted unless there are signs that say otherwise, you cannot simply drive on the shoulder to escape traffic or for any other reason. If you do, you could find yourself getting a traffic ticket.

A ticket for driving on the shoulder is a moving violation, which means that you could get points on your license. Eventually, these points could result in the suspension of your driver’s license. Points on your license and a moving violation on your record also mean that you will no longer have a clean driving history – which you may need for some jobs – and you will pay higher costs for car insurance.

You don’t want to simply accept that a ticket means you’ll be found guilty of a traffic violation. You want to try to fight the ticket, or at least plead guilty to a lesser offense to reduce penalties. NY Traffic Firm can help to make that happen.

Contact our firm as soon as you receive a citation for driving on the road shoulder so our NY traffic ticket lawyer can help you to fight the citation.

NYS Laws Prohibiting Driving on the Shoulder of the Road

According to NY VTL section 1131, motor vehicles are prohibited from traveling on the shoulder of the road, unless the vehicle is specifically permitted to travel in this area. For example, bicycles are allowed to travel on the road shoulder under many circumstances, but cars and trucks are not permitted to do so unless they are in a designated location where driving on the shoulder is permitted or unless they are directed to drive on the road shoulder by a flagger or a police officer.

New York Vehicle and Traffic Code Section 1131 also stipulates that, while driving on the shoulder is typically prohibited, standing or parking on the road shoulder is allowed unless there is a specific prohibition against this behavior in a designated area where the motorist has stopped or has parked.

Penalties and Consequences if You Drive on the Shoulder of the Road

If you violate the prohibition against driving on the road shoulder and you travel in this location on any state-controlled road, you could be ticketed and pay a fine which totals as much as $150. There is also a surcharge which increases your financial cost, and the record of the moving summons will mean an increase in insurance bills in most cases so you could experience financial consequences for years to come.

Motorists who are found guilty of moving violations also gets points on their license, with the number of points determined by the particular offense. Driving on the road shoulder will result in two points on your license. A total of 11 points over an 18-month period of time will result in a motorist facing the real risk of a driver’s license being suspended. The suspension of your license could make completing work and family activities very difficult for you.

Fight Your Ticket

You don’t have roll over, pay the citation and be done. Over-eager traffic enforcement intermingles with errors every day. Always be ready to fight back. The odds are in your favor when you work with NY Traffic Firm.

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How a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You?

If you pay a fine for a ticket that you receive for driving on the shoulder of the road, this is seen by the state as an admission of violating New York Vehicle and Traffic Code. You won’t get to defend yourself against accusations you committed a moving violation and will be subject to all of the associated penalties that go along with being found guilty of a traffic offense. Instead of just admitting guilt, reach out to NY Traffic Firm to find out if there is a way to fight the ticket or reduce the penalties.

Our New York traffic law firm has helped many motorists to reduce or avoid the consequences of different types of moving violations, including those associated with driving on the road shoulder.

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