Failing to Notify DMV of Address Change in 10 Days

Have You Forgotten to Let NYS DMV Know About Your Relocation? You Might be in a Problem

Failure to Notify DMV after changing address Moving to a new location can be a major hassle, even if you are only moving within the state of New York. Unfortunately, as you try to adjust to the move, the Department of Motor Vehicles places demands upon you. The DMV requires that you notify the agency of your new address within 10 days of relocating. The DMV also imposes a fine if you fail to provide required notice of your new address.

It can be a financial burden to cope with the costs of a fine imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is especially troublesome if you were not aware of the requirement that you provide notification to the DMV and the fine comes as a surprise to you.

There are also circumstances where you may have tried to do the right thing and notify the DMV but for some reason were not successful; in these situations, it can be especially frustrating to be fined through no fault of your own.

If you are facing a fine for failing to notify the DMV of your address change within the designated time limit, you should strongly consider talking with a New York traffic lawyer Simon Kabzan. He can explain the consequences of not providing proper notification to the DMV and can assist you in finding the best possible resolution to any legal issues that have arisen as a result of your failure to alert the Department of Motor Vehicles to your new address.

NY Traffic Firm has assisted many clients accused of violating different traffic laws in New York, including laws related to failures to provide the DMV with proper notification of an address change within the 10 day timeline.

To find out more about how we can help you to resolve your legal issues when you did not provide proper notice to the DMV, give us a call today.

NY Laws on Notifying the DMV of an Address Change

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 509 details licensing requirements in the state of New York. In addition to making clear that all drivers are required to have a valid license to operate a vehicle, the law also states in 509(8) that “No licensee shall fail to notify the commissioner in writing of a change of residence as required by this article.”

You can provide notification of your change of address online at the website of the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. You can also change your address by mail. In order to change your address online, you need both the ID and document number from your most recently issued driver license or learner’s permit.

Penalties and Consequences

A failure to provide required notification of an address change to the DMV can result in penalties being imposed, including a $75 fine and a $93 surcharge. You will not have points put on your license if you fail to provide proper notice to the DMV. However, it is important the DMV has your current address on file in case the Agency needs to notify you by mail of any other possible violations or problems.

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How a New York Traffic Lawyer Can Help

If you did not notify the DMV of your address change, you will get stuck paying a fine. You want to try to avoid this if at all possible. It is important that you understand what options, if any, are available to you in your situation for fighting the fine and trying to avoid consequences for not complying with New York State’s rules about notifying the DMV of relocations.

NY Traffic Firm has extensive experience providing legal guidance and advocacy to motorists accused of all different kinds of wrongdoing, including a failure to alert the Department of Motor Vehicles to the fact that you have moved. If you have been accused of not providing notice or of breaking any other laws within New York State, our legal team will help you to decide what your best course of action is to protect your license, money, and driving record.

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