Leaving the Scene of an Accident

New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers Explain Hit and Runs

Leaving scene of the accident ticket NY If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision in the state of New York, the state’s law says you must stop at the crash scene if the crash caused property damage, personal injury or death. If you fail to comply with the laws regarding your obligations after you get into a car accident, you could face very harsh legal consequences- including potential imprisonment in some cases.

If you’re accused of this serious offense, you shouldn’t just accept that accusations of leaving a crash scene will lead to penalties. You have rights and should take advantage of the protections in place in the legal system that allow you to defend yourself and try to avoid conviction.

NYC traffic ticket lawyers can provide you with help in fighting for your future when the state takes legal action against you for leaving a crash scene.

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New York Laws on Leaving an Accident Scene

New York prohibits motorists from leaving accident scenes in VTL 600. The various provisions of this traffic code section require drivers to stop after collision involvement if a person was hurt, if property damage happened, if the accident injured domestic pets – like cats or dogs – or if the accident injured livestock.

Drivers who are involved in a collision also have other obligations, in addition to stopping at the scene of a collision. Those who were involved in the accident have to exchange contact information, including sharing insurance details with the other motorist who was involved in a crash. Drivers involved in a crash also must file a report after a collision that causes damage or injury. This means notifying law enforcement about the accident as soon as it is practical to do so following the collision.

Penalties for Hit and Run

If you leave the scene of an accident (hitting and running), the specific penalties that you could face will vary depending upon the severity of the accident and the crime that you were accused of as a result of your actions.

When you leave the scene of a collision that caused only property damage, this is a traffic infraction that could result in a maximum of 15 days of jail time as well as a $250 maximum fine. However, if someone was hurt and you left the scene of the accident, you could potentially face misdemeanor charges with fines up to $1,000 and a possible jail sentence. Repeat offenders who leave the scene of an accident when they have convictions on their record will face harsher penalties.

Drivers who leave a crash scene can be arrested by police officers, even if an officer has not obtained a warrant, according to New York’s laws. Leaving a crash scene, or committing a hit-and-run offense, is taken very seriously under New York law and the criminal record and penalties that can result from this offense can have a profound impact on your future.

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Getting Help from Traffic Lawyers in NY

Simon Kabzan, New York traffic ticket lawyer at NY Traffic Firm can assist you in responding to accusations that you left the scene of a motor vehicle crash. Leaving an accident scene could lead to the type of serious penalties that change your life for a long time after the accident. You owe it to yourself to be proactive in trying to minimize or avoid penalties – and that means calling a lawyer as soon as possible to find out how you can fight the accusations against you.

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