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Failed to Stop at a Stop Sign in NY?

 ticket for not stopping at a stop sign in nyc Drivers in New York are expected to come to a full stop a stop sign at any stop sign. Motorists are expected to stop at a specific location, depending upon the sign, and are required to obey the law on yielding to other vehicles who have the right-of-way when they stop at a stop sign.

If you are caught traveling through a stop sign, you could face potentially serious legal consequences. You could be ticketed, and if you do not successfully fight the ticket, you could find yourself facing a large fine and points on your license. It is important to realize that simply paying the ticket for running the stop sign is an admission of guilt. You should not submit the fine for running a stop sign until you have spoken with NY traffic ticket lawyers who can help you to determine what legal options you have.

NY Traffic Firm has helped many motorists to avoid being found guilty of running a stop sign. Our firm can help you to find ways to fight your ticket so you don’t face fines, higher insurance costs, and a risk of losing your license for too many moving violations.

Call us as soon as you have received a traffic citation so we can begin working with you on an effective fight-back strategy.

NYC Laws On Running a Stop Sign

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1172 establishes the rules for stop signs and yield signs. According to the relevant law, every motorist is obligated to stop at a stop sign, unless directed to proceed by a law enforcement officer.

When you approach a stop sign as you are driving, you must stop at a clearly marked stop line, if such a line exists. If there is no clearly marked stop line, you are required to stop your vehicle prior to entering a cross walk on the near side of the intersection. If there is no crosswalk at the stop sign, then you must stop at the point nearest to the intersection where you can see oncoming traffic before you actually enter into the intersection.

When you stop at a stop sign, you must actually come to a complete stop. If you roll through a stop sign, you could be ticketed for not stopping. You cannot pass through the stop sign until you have made certain that opposing traffic is not in the intersection or approaching the intersection with the right-of-way. You must follow the right-of-way rules and take your turn entering the intersection at the appropriate time.

Penalties and Consequences for Running a Stop Sign

If you pass though a stop sign without stopping, this moving violation can result in three points on your driver’s license. If you get 11 or more points in an 18 month period, you could find that your driver’s license is revoked.

Points on your license and the record of the stop sign violation can result in higher motor vehicle insurance costs being charged. Your driving record will no longer be a clean driving record, so you could be unable to get jobs that require a perfect driving history.

A fine also comes with your ticket, along with a possible surcharge. Repeated infractions, if you run a stop sign more than once within an 18-month period, will result in double the fine and the potential for up to 45 days in jail for a second offense and 90 days in jail for a third offense. Even a first offense could potentially lead to 15 days of imprisonment for running a stop sign.

Fight Your Ticket

You don’t have roll over, pay the citation and be done. Over-eager traffic enforcement intermingles with errors every day. Always be ready to fight back. The odds are in your favor when you work with NY Traffic Firm.

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How Traffic Ticket Lawyers Can Help Beat Stop Sign Ticket NY

Many people simply pay their ticket when accused of running a stop sign, without realizing that this is considered an admission of guilt. If you pay the ticket, you’re acknowledging that you broke the law. You’ll be giving up the opportunity to dispute the ticket and accepting all of the penalties and consequences that go along with the ticket, including the fines and the points on your license.

There are options to try to fight the ticket. You could argue there was insufficient proof that you ran the stop sign, or claim that the stop sign was obscured and was impossible for you to see. An experienced attorney can help you to explore all possible options for defending yourself or for making it impossible to prove that you ran the stop sign. New York traffic ticket lawyer Simon Kabzan can also help you to explore options for negotiating a deal to try to reduce possible penalties that could result from accusations that you ran a stop sign.

To find out more about what you can do in response to a stop sign ticket in NY, contact NY Traffic Firm as soon as possible after you have been ticketed. Our firm is here and ready to help you fight for your clean driving record, so give us a call today.

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