Seat Belt Violation Points on License

Seat Belt Violation? Points on Your License are a Possibility

Drivers in the state of New York are expected to obey the rules of the road. This includes wearing seat belts. Drivers who fail to wear seat belts can face fines, as can passengers. In some cases, though, these are not the only penalties for a seat belt violation. Points on your license could also be a possibility depending upon the circumstances.

NY Traffic Firm can help you to determine when you are likely to get points on your license as a result of a seat belt violation. We can also help you to do everything you can to reduce the risk of getting license points, large fines, and other consequences. Just give us a call to find out about the way in which a New York traffic firm can assist you with a seat belt violation.

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Seat Belt Violation: Points on Your License are Possible

The New York DMV summarizes the highlights of the occupant restraint law in New York. Their summary includes an explanation of when and how you get points on your license as a result of a seat belt violation.

According to the DMV, the driver and any passenger in the front seat are required to wear a seat belt. There must be no more than one person per seat belt. If anyone over 16 violates this rule as either a driver or a passenger, that person can be fined. If the driver has a learner’s permit or limited license, every vehicle occupant including occupants in the back seat are required to be buckled up.

The DMV also makes clear that children under the age of 16 must either be restrained in an age and size appropriate child seat or must be buckled up. The driver of the vehicle is legally obligated to make sure that children are restrained. If a driver does not ensure that a child aged 16 and under is adequately restrained, that driver could be fined between $25 and $100. A driver who fails to make sure that children under 16 are restrained could also receive three points on his or her driver’s license as a consequence of not making sure that children are buckled up.

This means that while you face only a fine if you do not buckle up as an adult, you will get points on your license for a seat belt violation if this violation involves allowing a child to be in your vehicle without a seat belt. You can get seat belt violation points on license even in circumstances where the young child is sitting in the back seat of the vehicle. All children must be buckled up to avoid these consequences.

If you are accused of a seat belt violation and are facing points on your license, you will need to explore defenses or the negotiation of some type of plea deal to avoid points that could put your license at risk and raise your auto insurance rates.

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A New York traffic ticket lawyer can work closely with you to determine the best way to respond to accusations that you violated New York’s seat belt laws. Our legal team can also help you to try to disprove your violation, raise affirmative defenses, or introduce doubt as to whether the violation occurred.

If you are at risk of being found to have committed a violation and you want to try to reduce the chances of points on your license, you should give us a call. NY Traffic Firm has helped many motorists to avoid license points that could result from seat belt violations. We can put our considerable experience to work for you to help you reduce the chances of a serious black mark on your driving record.

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