Junior License Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets on Junior Driver’s License in New York

Stopped and infracted with a junior license When you first get your license as a young person, you are not given an unrestricted license with the same full driving privileges given to other motorists. Instead, you are given a junior license. A junior license comes with a number of restrictions on the types of things that you are allowed to do behind the wheel.

Not only are you restricted in when you can drive and subject to other special limitations on your driving privileges, but you can also face much harsher penalties if you violate any traffic laws while you have your junior license. Infractions can result in the suspension of your license, so it is important to take any accusations seriously if you’re accused of violating the rules of the road.

NY Traffic Firm can provide assistance when a new driver is accused of breaking traffic laws while the young motorist has a junior license. You don’t want to risk the loss of a license and black marks on a driving record, so you should take prompt action if you or your teen driver is ticketed while on a junior license.

To find out more about how New York traffic lawyers can provide assistance in responding effectively to citations issued to junior drivers, give our legal team a call today.

New York Laws on Junior License Traffic Tickets

Drivers with a junior license are only allowed to drive between the hours of 5:00 AM and 9:00 PM unless they have a supervising licensed driver in the car with them. They may drive outside of these hours only to and from work and home, or only to and from school events. Proof of employment must be carried in the car when driving under these conditions.

Motorists with a junior license are also prohibited from having more than one passenger aged 21 or under in the car with them, unless the passengers are immediate family members or unless there is a parent, guardian, driving instructor, or other person acting in loco parentis in the car.

When a driver with a junior license is operating a motor vehicle, each passenger in the car must have a seatbelt on and all children have to be appropriately restrained in approved child safety seats.

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Penalties for Junior License Traffic Tickets

Drivers with a junior license are also subject to much stricter penalties for traffic violations than adult motorists with a full license.

For example, if a driver with a junior license is convicted of one serious traffic violation while driving, his or her license to drive will be suspended for 60 days. A serious violation is a moving violation that results in a motorist getting at least three points on his or her driver’s license. A 60 days suspension is also possible if any two violations (including non-serious violations) are committed.

If you commit additional violations after getting a suspended license restored, you can face a license revocation. If you get your license back and you are convicted of one serious traffic violation or two other violations within six months of the time that your license is restored, you’ll have your license to drive revoked.

Junior drivers who are caught using cell phones while driving will also face a lengthy suspension of their driver’s license. The first time that a junior driver is convicted of violating laws on cell phone use or texting, the junior driver’s license or permit will be suspended for a period of 120 days. If a second conviction for a cell phone or texting violation occurs within a six month period, a probationary license will be revoked for at least six months.

Repeat offenders whose license is suspended and then restored will also lose their license for a very long time if they get another conviction for cell phone use. If your license is restored and you violate prohibitions against phone use again within six months of the time that you get your license back, your probationary license could be revoked for at least a one year period of time.

Losing a license immediately after getting a permit or a junior license can be very upsetting for a young driver. Unfortunately, points on a young driver’s license and a history of infractions on his or her driving record can also result in very costly auto insurance. Teenage drivers already cost a lot to insure because they are inexperienced and because they are considered a very high risk demographic group. Conviction for a traffic violation can cause insurance rates to skyrocket even further, causing substantial hardship for families who may struggle to avoid the costs of insurance.

Teens who apply for jobs that require a clean driving record could also be haunted by youthful driving infractions on their driving record. Fighting accusations is very important to help junior drivers keep insurance costs reasonable and to avoid the potential for disqualification from future employment due to a driving record with a history of problems.

How a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You

As soon as a young driver gets a ticket, it is important to contact traffic ticket lawyer in NYC. Simon Kabzan can provide assistance in determining what the best course of action is for responding to the ticket. Simply paying the fine for a moving violation is not always the best option, as this is an admission of guilt that could possibly result in high insurance costs and even the loss of a junior license.

There are often ways to defend against accusations of moving violations, including claims that a teen committed a cell phone offense. If no viable defense options exist, an attorney can also provide advice on trying to reduce the penalties that a driver with a junior license could face as a result of a traffic infraction.

To find out more about how an attorney can help to protect a junior license and help young people to maintain a clean driving record, call today to talk with an experienced attorney at NY Traffic Firm.

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