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New York red light camera Throughout New York, many traffic signals have red light cameras. These cameras will record the license plates of any motorist who fails to stop for a traffic signal. The driver can be sent a ticket in the mail and can be forced to pay a substantial fine on the basis of receiving this ticket.

Although some have questioned whether or not red light cameras are constitutional or not, these cameras still continue to be widely used throughout the state and motorists are required by law to pay the fines that come with these tickets – unless the motorist is able to successfully fight the ticket.

NYC traffic lawyers can provide assistance to motorists in fighting traffic tickets, including tickets issued as a result of red light cameras. You have a limited period of time to fight the ticket, so contact NY Traffic Firm for help as soon as a ticket is received in the mail.

New York Laws on Red Light Camera Citations

Motorists can receive a red light camera ticket any time a camera captures their vehicle traveling though a red light without stopping. The camera will capture a snapshot of your license plate and you will receive a ticket, along with pictures from the camera demonstrating that the violation occurred. The ticket will provide you with information on where the violation occurred and will provide you with instructions on submitting the fine for going through the red light.

Unlike a traditional ticket for running a red, a ticket issued by a red light camera generally does not result in points being put on your license. Although you will get three points on your license if a law enforcement officer observes you traveling through a red light and issues you a citation, a ticket from a camera results in a fine but does not lead to points. This does not mean you shouldn’t take the ticket seriously, especially as repeated violations can lead to finds totaling hundreds of dollars.

Penalties and Consequences for Red Light Camera Tickets

Penalties for a red light camera ticket can vary depending upon where the ticket was received and whether or not you have any prior red light camera offenses. A driver will be sent a red light ticket in the mail, providing notice of the fine that is due. This fine could be as low as $50 or could be several hundred dollars.

The ticket is sent to the driver who the vehicle is registered to, as determined by DMV records associated with the license plate. If the car was being driven by someone else instead of the person who is the registered owner of the vehicle, the car’s registered owner and the driver will need to submit information about who was actually driving the car. The driver who ran the right light will be the person who is responsible for paying the fine and for facing the consequences of the ticket.

A failure to pay the ticket by the deadline or to respond by fighting the ticket can result in more serious penalties, including more substantial fines and other legal consequences for the driver. Motorists who are issued a red light ticket should act quickly to talk with an experienced traffic attorney about what options they have for trying to fight the ticket.

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How New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers Can Help

New York traffic ticket lawyers can provide invaluable assistance to any motorist who has been accused of running a red light. An attorney can review the ticket that you received in the mail and can discuss the circumstances surrounding the ticket with you. After careful review of the evidence, your lawyer can advise you on whether or not there is a way to fight the citation.

Because the red light camera provides video and photographic proof that you ran the red light, you will need to be strategic about trying to fight the ticket that has been issued. You can try to argue that the picture does not clearly show that the vehicle that ran the light was actually your car, but this can prove challenging because the camera will usually have a clear picture of the vehicle and plate number.

Simon Kabzan, Esq can assist you in identifying alternative defenses that could be more effective in your situation, including arguing that you only went through the light as a result of necessity because of a safety issue.

A NY traffic lawyer can assist you in determining if fighting a ticket is likely to be successful for you or not. If there is an option to try to fight the red light camera ticket, your attorney can take care of all of the legal technicalities for you.

To find out more about how an attorney can help you, contact NY Traffic Firm as soon as you get a red light ticket in the mail.

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