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How to Beat a School Zone Speeding Ticket in NYC

NYS speeding ticket in a school zone School zones are supposed to be safe places for children. As a result, New York imposes a lower speed limit in school zones when school is in session, compared with on other roads. There are also harsher penalties imposed upon motorists who are accused of driving too fast in a school zone.

The consequences of a ticket for speeding in a school zone can be profound, with the possible loss of your license for too many tickets plus the potential for large fines and elevated insurance costs. If you simply pay your fine when you are cited, this is an admission that you broke the law and should face associated penalties. You do not have to make this admission, and you should not make this admission, until you have talked with a New York traffic ticket attorney.

There are defenses you can raise to accusations of speeding in a school zone, and you can also try to undermine the case against you so there’s not sufficient proof that you actually violated speed limit laws in an area where children are in school.

NY Traffic Firm can assist you in determining if your best strategy is to try to fight the accusations or try to reduce penalties by exploring the possibility of a plea deal of traffic school.

Whether you want to fight or negotiate to reduce penalties, our legal team can help and we have the experience necessary to maximize the chance you will face minimum penalties and achieve the best possible outcome.

NY Laws on Speeding in a School Zone

The state of New York establishes laws on speeding in its Vehicle and Traffic Law Code. Within this code, section 1180 sets the basic rules and maximum limits for motorists.

Section 1180 also explains circumstances under which motorists are required to comply with lower speed limits in school zones. According to section 1180(c), motorists must comply with lower school zone speed limits on school days during the hours designated on the school zone speed limit sign. However, the hours must be between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

If there are beacons attached to the school zone sign which flash or light up and the sign has a notice indicating the low speed limit is in effect when the beacons are flashing, then motorists must comply with the limit whenever the flashing is occurring. Compliance is only required between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM under these circumstances as well.

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Penalties and Consequences for Speed in a School Zone

Penalties for school zone violations are serious. The fine for exceeding the speed limit in a school zone by just one to 10 miles an hour is between $90 and $300. For traveling between 11 and 30 miles an hour over the school zone speed limit, the maximum penalty is $600. If a motorist is traveling 31 MPH or more over a posted school zone limit, the maximum fine is $1200.

Motorists will have points put on their license for driving too fast in a school zone. If a motorist has 11 points put on his license within an 18 month period, these points can result in a hearing and the potential suspension of the motorist’s license. A motorist could, in certain circumstances, receive 11 points on his license for a single violation of school zone speed limit laws if the motorist is far exceeding the permissible speed limit. A license suspension can cause substantial hardship, as it can be very difficult to get around without a driver’s license.

Because of the record of the school zone ticket, insurance costs are also going to be higher and it may be difficult or impossible to be hired for any job that has a clean driving record as a prerequisite. Motorists could also face potential jail time under certain circumstances for excessive speed in a school zone, and could possibly be charged with additional offenses including reckless driving.

How New York Speeding Lawyers Can Help

There are many possible defenses that you could raise as a motorist to try to avoid being found guilty of speeding in a school zone. It is also important to remember that you’re presumed innocent of this violation until your guilt has been proved. Don’t give up the chance to defend yourself against the accusations that have been made against you if you’re cited for traveling too fast in a school zone.

NYC traffic ticket lawyers can evaluate the circumstances under which you were cited and assist you in developing a plan for responding to the accusations. You may be able to successfully defend yourself to avoid any consequences, including a black mark on your driving record. It may also be possible to negotiate your violation down to a lesser offense with help from an experienced attorney.

To find out more about how an attorney can help you to take a strategic approach to a ticket that will help protect your license and finances, call NY Traffic Firm today.

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