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NYC Parking Ticket Lawyer: How to Dispute, Fight, or Appeal Your Parking Citation

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Parking tickets are a costly problem that many motorists are forced to cope with. However, it is important to realize that just because you are given a parking ticket does not necessarily mean that you violated the laws and must pay the fine that the ticket says you owe.

There are many ways to fight parking tickets but you must be proactive in responding to the ticket because if you don’t pay or fight, you could end up with larger fines and penalties. You could also potentially face even more serious legal consequences, like a license suspension or a bench warrant being issued for your arrest.

NY Traffic Firm can provide you with help in responding to a parking ticket so you can decide on the best approach to take to minimize potential financial and legal consequences. Our firm provides affordable and effective parking ticket defense and can help you successfully fight and beat any citations that arise in relation to parking or driving.

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NYS Laws on Parking Tickets

There are strict laws throughout New York on exactly where motorists can park. Parking tickets can be issued for any violations of those laws. You could be ticketed for parking in a no parking zone, or even for allowing your car to idle in a no standing zone while someone is inside of the vehicle. If you allow time to expire on a parking meter, this can also lead to a parking ticket.

You have a limited period of time in which to pay your ticket, and some of the fines that are assessed can be very costly, so it is important to act quickly and talk with an attorney to find out if you can reduce the fines or fight the ticket altogether.

Penalties and Consequences for Parking Tickets

Fines and penalties can vary depending upon where you were ticketed and what type of parking rules you violated. If you do not pay the fine, or otherwise respond to the ticket, by the deadline, you will face additional financial consequences for nonpayment.

Failure to pay parking tickets could also have major legal repercussions. Your car could be towed or a boot could be put on your vehicle. You could be forced to pay the towing fees or the cost for having the boot removed if you face these additional consequences triggered by not paying parking tickets.

Waiting too long to pay or to dispute the ticket could also result in losing the opportunity to fight the ticket. You do not want to give up your legal rights to argue that the ticket was not deserved, so you should act quickly to talk with an experienced attorney as soon as you get a ticket for parking in the wrong place.

Fight Your Ticket

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How a New York Parking Ticket Attorney Can Help

A NYC parking attorney can assist you in determining if you may have grounds to fight the ticket that has been issued to you. Your lawyer can help you to understand what the possible outcome could be of challenging the ticket and can help you to explore defense options.

You may be able to successfully beat a ticket if the traffic violation does not have all of the required information listed on the ticket, including details about the vehicle and the violation. If there was an emergency situation that necessitated you parking in a zone that you were not normally permitted to park in, you could also raise this as a defense to fight the ticket. Determining if you have a viable defense is the first course of action and is something that an experienced attorney should help you to do.

Your counsel can then take care of the formal legal steps involved in disputing the ticket. Simon Kabzan, Esq will make this process stress-free and simple for you by submitting all paperwork and documentation on your behalf that you need to provide in order to try to dispute the ticket and avoid being found to have committed a parking violation.

Finally, if you are facing more serious problems associated with a ticket, including a potential risk to your license from multiple unpaid parking tickets, your lawyer can help you to explore options for resolving your legal problems so you no longer need to worry about serious consequences of unpaid parking tickets.

To find out more about how an experienced attorney can help you to fight a ticket, and to get help with any legal problems associated with parking tickets issued to you, call NY Traffic Firm today.

Our legal team has successfully helped many drivers to avoid the fines and penalties that come with parking tickets and we can work with you to develop a strategy for making your ticket go away.

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