EZ Pass Speeding Violation

EZ Pass Violation: Make Sure You Hire a NYC Traffic Lawyer to Fight and Appeal Citation

EZ Pass Speeding ticket Many motorists purchase an E-ZPass with the hopes that they will be able to move more quickly through toll lanes. While having an E-Z Pass does allow you to avoid getting in line at a toll booth, EZ-Pass lanes have a very slow speed limit. In fact, many E-ZPass lanes set the limit for speed at just 5 miles per hour.

It is important to follow the posted speed limit in order to avoid consequences for going too fast. If a motorist fails to obey the speed limit, the driver could face the potential loss of EZ Pass privileges. Motorists who violate posted limits could also be subject to speeding tickets issued by law enforcement officers, in addition to any consequences that EZ-pass imposes upon drivers.

NY Traffic Firm can provide help to motorists who have been accused of violating any speed limit laws, including drivers who allegedly failed to follow the limit when going through a toll lane with their E-ZPass.

Contact our firm to speak with a NY traffic ticket attorney to find out what options you have available to you to fight accusations of speeding and to discover your options for protecting your EZ Pass and preventing any other consequences that a ticket could result in.

New York State Laws on E-Z Pass Speeding Violations

The website of the New York Thruway Authority explains the rules for E-ZPass speeding violations. According to the Thruway Authority:

“Safety of the traveling public and Thruway employees is critical to the Authority’s mission. E-Z Pass offers motorists the freedom of non-stop travel on the Thruway; however, motorists are reminded of their requirement to obey the posted speed limit and direction of toll collectors.”

The maximum speed limit that a motorist may travel differs depending upon the specific toll plaza where the motorist is driving. Although there are some plazas which set the maximum speed at 5 miles per hour, other toll plazas allow motorists to move more quickly.

All drivers who travel though an E-Z Pass lane are also expected to wait until the light turns green before passing through the toll lane. Waiting for the green light ensures that vehicles are able to move through the toll lane in an orderly fashion, minimizing the risk of accidents occurring.

Penalties and Consequences for EZ Pass Speeding Violations

E-ZPass can record the license plate of a motorist that violates the posted speed limit in the EZ Pass lane. Each E-ZPass is registered with driver and vehicle information, so E-ZPass is able to determine who is obey and who is disobeying posted speed limits.

If a motorist violates the posted limit in an E-ZPass lane, the motorist may receive a warning for the first violation. This written warning notice is sent in the mail. For a repeat violation, the motorist can receive a 60-day suspension of his E-ZPass, followed by a 90-day suspension. Repeated violations can also result in a motorist’s pass being permanently revoked.

Any and all consequences that are imposed by E-ZPass are separate from the consequences that motorists can face for violating a posted speed limit. A law enforcement officer can still stop a speeding motorist and issue a traffic ticket to that motorist for violating speed limit laws, even if the violation occurs while the motorist is traveling though any toll lane, including an E-ZPass lane. If a motorist is issued a speeding ticket, this ticket will be treated like any other NY speeding ticket with fines, penalties, and license points determined by the speed at which the driver was traveling above the allowable limits.

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How a New York Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help

Losing an E-ZPass can be a major inconvenience for a driver who is accused of traveling too fast through a toll lane. Even a temporary suspension can result in a driver experiencing a much longer wait time while passing through toll lanes. A permanent revocation can be a major problem for drivers who travel on toll roads frequently and who want to be able to travel without having to wait and pay for tolls each time the motorist is on the road.

Motorists accused of E-ZPass speeding violations should be aware of the potential consequences that they can face through E-ZPass and should consult with an attorney as soon as possible after receiving a warning about a violation in order to find out what options, if any, are available in their situation to try to protect their right to use an E-ZPass for tolls.

If you receive any type of speeding ticket, it is also important to talk with NY traffic ticket attorneys to find out what you can do to fight the ticket and try to protect your driving record. Points on your license and a history of speeding could cause insurance rates to rise and could eventually lead to the suspension of your license if you commit too many violations in too short of a time period.

It is important to talk with an experienced attorney to find out what options you have to fight for your license. Call NY Traffic Firm today to find out more about how our firm can help you to fight for your license.

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