Restoration of Driving Privileges

Getting Your Driver’s License Back in NYC

Restoring privileges in New York If you have lost your right to drive in New York, you may need to go through a complicated legal process to get your license back. There is a lot at stake in this process, because getting your license back is very important so you can once again legally drive your car. You want to get your license restored as quickly as possible and you don’t want to make any mistakes that could result in delays. You also don’t want to risk a permanent revocation if you aren’t able to convince the DMV that your license should be returned to you.

You should talk with experienced NY traffic ticket attorneys about restoration of your driving privileges if your license has been suspended or revoked. Simon Kabzan can explain the process of trying to get your license back and can help you to take any necessary legal steps to regain your right to drive. If there is the potential that you will be refused the restoration of your driving privileges, your attorney can help you to do everything possible to try to get your license restored even if the odds are against you.

NY Traffic Firm has assisted many motorist whose licenses have been lost. We will explain to you the process for restoring your license and we can help you at every step of the way. Give us a call as soon as possible so we can begin working right away on helping you get back your driving abilities.

New York Laws on Loss of Driving Privileges

In New York, various traffic offenses can result in your license being suspended or revoked. Offenses could include DUI, driving without insurance, refusal to take a blood alcohol concentration test, and a history of moving violations or serious traffic offenses.

A suspension and a revocation are not the same. If your license is suspended, you can get it back at the end of the suspension period, provided you fulfill all conditions, such as paying outstanding traffic fines. If your license is revoked, on the other hand, you will be able to regain your driving privileges only by applying for a new license.

There is no guarantee that your application for a new license is actually going to be a successful one, and there is a specific process that has to be followed before a new license will be issued to you. You should get legal help with this process if you want the best chance of restoring your right to drive.

How Can You Get You Driving Privileges Back

Reinstated driver's license The process for restoring your license is going to vary depending upon why the license was revoked. According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, many motorists whose license has been revoked are going to be required to receive approval from the DMV’s Driver Improvement Unit (DIU) before the motorist is allowed to go to the DMV and apply for a new license.

The Driver Improvement Unit will conduct a careful review of your entire driving record to determine if restoration of your license should be allowed or not.

You can request DIU approval of a restored license online, although some motorists with an especially complex driving record may need to submit a written request to the DIU to try to get their license back. When you submit an online request, the system can automatically assess whether you’re eligible to make an online request or not. If you’re not eligible to make your request online, you’ll be given information about the next steps you must take. Motorists who got into an accident without insurance, for example, aren’t going to be allowed to submit an online request.

When you submit an online request to the DIU, you can sometimes get immediate approval to try applying for a license again. If you make a mail-in request, it could take as long as 12 weeks to get a reply.

Approval from DIU is just one of the requirements for restoration of your driver’s license. You also have to clear any suspensions of your license; you must pay any outstanding fines for traffic violations; and you must pay any reapplication fees that are necessary.

Not everyone will be eligible to get a license restored, either by mail or online. Your license could be permanently revoked under certain circumstances, such as if you have three or more serious violations and any other moving violations over the course of a 25-year period of time. If your license is permanently revoked in New York, or in any state, you generally will be unable to get a license anywhere in the United States because states share information about driving records.

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How a New York Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help You

A traffic ticket lawyer in NYC can provide you with assistance in the process of trying to get your driving privileges restored after a license revocation. Your attorney can explain to you the circumstances under which restoration is possible and help you to determine if you can get your license back or not. We can also assist you in evaluating the likelihood your license will be restored, in going through the necessary steps to get your license back, and in making the most convincing possible case for restoration.

In some circumstances where there is a threat of a permanent revocation, working with an experienced attorney can help you to find solutions that you might be unable to effectively pursue on your own. For example, if you’re at risk of permanent revocation of your license due to three or more serious violations, a traffic crimes lawyer can help you to determine if it is possible to get a prior conviction vacated.

NY Traffic Firm will work with you to explore all possible legal options for the restoration of your revoked license and will guide you through the process of doing everything you can to maximize the chances of getting your driving privileges restored as quickly as possible. Give us a call today to talk with an experienced member of our legal team to find out how we can help you.

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