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How Can a NYC Traffic Attorney Serve New Jersey Drivers?

 NJ driver got a NY traffic ticket Because New York and New Jersey are so geographically close, many people within the state of New Jersey regularly drive in the state of New York. Sometimes, these drivers receive traffic law citations. When a driver gets a ticket in NY, the motorist must respond and must be aware that the ticket could affect his or her license in NJ. This means you don’t want to ignore the ticket, and you don’t want to just pay it and accept that you will get points on your driver’s license.

A New York traffic ticket attorney can help New Jersey drivers to decide on the best way to respond to a moving violation or to an arrest for DUI or another traffic offense.

NY Traffic Firm has helped many drivers throughout New York to fight their tickets, and our firm is ready to help you resolve your traffic problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible while working towards avoiding long-term consequences. Give us a call today to find out how our firm can help you.

How New Jersey Treats Traffic Tickets Obtained in NYS

The State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission explains how New Jersey treats tickets that are obtained while out-of-state. According to the Commission, New Jersey and 45 other states, as well as Washington D.C., are part of the Driver License Compact. NY is also a part of this compact. New Jersey is also part of the nonresident violator compact, which 44 states are a part of. New York is a part of this compact as well.

As a result of these compacts, when a motorist is found to have committed a moving violation or traffic crime in one of the participating states, that driver’s home state is notified. In other words, if a driver is found to have committed a traffic offense in New York, it will tell New Jersey the details about the driver’s offense.

New Jersey will then put the offense on the NJ driver’s record, which could result in higher insurance costs as well as disqualification from any job that requires a clean driving record. New Jersey will also put points on a driver’s license based on the out-of-state violation. This could eventually result in the potential suspension of your license to drive if you get too many license points.

How New York Lawyers Can Help You

New Jersey traffic ticket lawyers can provide assistance to NJ drivers in trying to avoid fines paid to NYC for an offense and will help drivers try to avoid being found guilty of a moving violation. New York only notifies New Jersey if you are actually convicted of violating traffic laws– simply getting a ticket does not necessarily mean you will be found guilty. However, if you pay the fine for the ticket, this is an admission to the state that you did violate traffic laws, which in turn means that New Jersey will be told of your offense.

NY Traffic firm can explain how your offense will affect your New Jersey license and will assist you in formulating a strategy to respond to the citation. If fighting the ticket is not the best option, our firm will help you try to negotiate a plea deal with the goal of reducing possible penalties that you could face.

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You have a limited amount of time to take action after getting a ticket and you do not want to make any mistakes in responding to your citation that could harm your ability to drive in New Jersey.

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